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For horses in competition, broodmares and yearlings

Purina Omolene 200

This Horse Feed is designed to complement and fortify hay or pasture.

Purina® Enrich Plus® Ration Balancing

This perfected-over-time formula provides 100% of the required protein, vitamins and minerals for a wide variety of horses in your barn, when fed as directed.

Purina® Strategy® Professional Formula GX

Designed for horses with Cushing’s disease, Insulin Resistance, laminitis and other conditions when a low starch and sugar diet is recommended.

Triple Crown Timothy Balance Forage Cubes

Total Equine®was developed from science and experience. The nutrient levels are based on what has ntific research.

Total Equine

IMPACT® Professional Performance Horse Feed delivers premium nutrition that is optimized for your performance horse to meet the demands of the equine professional.

Purina® Impact® Professional Performance

Keep future equine athletes a step ahead with Ultium® Growth, a unique horse feed that supports development, growth and adaptive physiology for a strong, healthy, athletic horse.

Purina® Ultium® Growth Horse Formula

Designed for growing horses, working horses, or horses in training.

A&M 16% Hi-Stepper Horse Pellets

Formulated to ensure stamina, strength, and vitality.

A&M 14% All Purpose Horse Ration

These pellets are an all purpose, pelleted grain ration that is designed for stallions in breeding season, pregnant mares, yearlings and horses at light work.

A&M 14% Hi-Stepper Horse Pellets

This formula helps equine athletes during the stress of competition by providing optimal gastric and immune support.

Purina® Ultium® Gastric Care

The low starch and sugar diet for horses with special needs.

Purina® WellSolve L/S® Horse Feed

Life Stage:
Concentrate Feed
Pelleted & Extruded

Purina® Equine Senior Active

Life Stage:
Special Needs
Complete Feed
Pelleted & Extruded

Purina® Equine Senior

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