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A quality starter feed strengthens calves’ immune systems so they’re more likely to stay healthy through weaning. But, if calves don’t consume starter feed, they don’t receive the benefits.

Purina® Precon

Learn about the power behind mixing our base feeds with our unparalleled High Octane® Supplements to get the results you desire.

Purina Honor Show & High Octane

A quality grain ration containing a high fiber supplement pellet fortified with necessary vitamins and minerals needed for proper maintenance.

A&M Honey Grain Ration

An excellent growing ration for bulls and show cattle.

A&M Bull Ration (Medicated)

A combination of natural plant proteins such as cottonseed meal and soybean meal.

A&M 38% High Protein Cubes

Our finest 20% Range & Breeder Cube. High in energy and low in fiber, it has excellent vitamin and mineral fortification.

A&M 20% Range &
Breeder Cubes

An all-purpose, high energy, low fiber ration fortified with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

A&M 14% Special Creeper Pellets/Cubes

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