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All Purpose
Horse Ration

• guaranteed analysis •

Crude Protein, not less than
Crude Fat, not less than
Crude Fiber, not more than
Calcium, not less than
Calcium, not more than
Phosphorus, not less than
Copper, not less than
Selenium, not less than
Zinc, not less than
Vitamin A, not less than
Vitamin D3, not less than
Vitamin E, not less than

25 ppm
0.35 ppm
60 ppm
1,500 IU/LB
300 IU/LB
25 IU/LB

• For Mares, Breeding and Maintenance. •

Steam crimped grains and protein supplement pellets are top dressed with molasses to give A&M 14% All Purpose Horse Ration a high degree of palatability. This ration is formulated to ensure stamina, strength, and vitality. The supplement pellets have added vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of these classes of horses.

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